Foster Care: Some Questions To Ask Yourself

If you would like to do something helpful for others, you may be thinking about foster care. This involves letting a child stay at your home so that he or she can be taken from a bad situation, whether the parents do drugs or are abusive. You should remember that this arrangement is not permanent like adoption, but your family will likely be permanently changed, often in a good way. There are a few things you should consider before this type of commitment.

foster-1The first detail to consider is whether you are the kind of person who can handle foster care. You may enjoy kids, but remember that the ones you will be dealing with in this kind of arrangement will probably not be happy to be at your house. In many cases, they will feel like you have taken them from their parents, and they may have emotional issues. This means that you need to not only be patient, but also have a thick skin and be ready to deal with problems that may include a child who lashes out at you and your household. If you do happen to have an easy time of this arrangement, due to fostering kids who are happy to be at your house, you should be able to let them go when necessary since they often get to return to their parents.

You should also make sure that your family and house in general is ready for foster care. Realize that if you have other children at home, you need to make sure they are happy with this decision, especially if they will have to share their room. You should also think about the fact that your kids may pick up learned behaviors from the new child in your house, so do not be surprised if your kids change a bit. Of course, this could be both good and bad since kids in the system tend to have some emotional issues, but they also have some wisdom to share with others due to their experiences. In addition, you need to make sure you simply have the room and the money to house, feed, and clothe another child.

Finally, consider your specific preferences. Think about whether you would like to provide foster care for a boy or girl, and which age you prefer. You should also consider the circumstances, such as whether the kid comes from a dangerous environment due to abusive or drug-addicted parents, or if they have loving parents who simply cannot provide for them anymore. This may make a difference in the kind of behavior children display.

If you are still interested in foster care after considering these points, you should find an organization that can help you. Most will screen you to make sure you would be a good fit for this position, which should result in a good situation for both you and the children involved. This is why it is wise to have the answers to these common questions ready before you arrive.

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