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 The Blue Ribbon Project believes that every child deserves to feel special on their birthday or during another memorable event. For many children in Foster Care, their birthday and other celebrations may seem like any other day with no cards, no party, no presents, or cake.

The Blue Ribbon Project's Celebrations Club works to recognize Foster Children and Youth during their special events. We work with foster parents and the Department of Social Services to make these celebrations super special. Through this program, we can help provide Birthday Presents, Special Events* (in the community or hosting a party at The Blue Ribbon project), Bowling Events, Movie Nights, or any other special event for a foster child.

The Blue Ribbon Project works to make these events special for each foster child in the communities we serve. To make a request for an event, please complete the short form below and one of our Leadership Team Members will contact you regarding your planned event.


*During the COVID-19 pandemic, some venues will not be available.




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