State officials work with #JusticeForMaxwell grassroots group on child abuse legislation

The Justice for Maxwell Legal Committee is working with Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon) on Maxwell's Law, intended to prevent child abuse and neglect, in memory of Max Schollenberger, the 12-year-old boy who died in March and was found dead in his bedroom in May


Max hay FBThe committee is comprised of doctors, teachers, ex-law enforcement, law students, marketing professionals, and others.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, which would have been Max's birthday.


"This poor little boy was literally across the street from a playground watching other kids play while he was being abused," Ryan said.

Potential ideas to be included in the bill include increased funding for Children and Youth Services, child advocates in court, alternative counseling services for families in distress, and increased penalties for those convicted of abuse, Ryan said.


An ex-Marine, Ryan tends toward military metaphors. "We need to arm society with an arsenal of tools to solve the problem," he said. "How is it a child can vanish from view and have no one ask?"

"We have to be careful to think one thing will solve this problem. It won't," he added.

Ryan said he’d like to meet with district attorneys, parents’ and grandparents’ groups, and other stakeholders throughout the process. If this is done, he suggested, a bill could be passed quickly once it is introduced into the legislature.


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