Backpacks of Love Leadership Team

The Blue Ribbon Project is currently seeking dedicated individuals to be a part of it's Leadership Team and work specifically with our Backpacks of Love Program. Backpacks of Love are backpacks that contain emergency essentials for children who have to be removed from an abusive or neglectful environment. Backpacks of Love are age and gender specific and cover newborns to 17 years of age. A Backpack of Love is delivered to the child when they are being removed for their safety and prior to entering a foster home or placement. 


leadership teamThe Blue Ribbon Project's Backpacks of Love is by far our largest program and is active in 12 counties in Maryland and is continuing to expand. Your help is greatly needed in the operation of this program and you are invited to join as a member of our Leadership Team. More on our Backpacks of Love Program can be found --HERE-- (Opens in new window)



 Leadership Team members under the Backpacks of Love program work within the organization to help with things such as:

  • Assist with "Volunteer Days" where volunteers come in to help with sorting donations and building Backpacks of Love. Leadership Team members work with volunteers to guide and work with volunteers. This ensures Backpacks of Love contain all essential items and are ready to be received by children entering care.
  • Assist with sorting donations. Our Backpacks of Love Program runs strictly off of donations. When donations come to The Blue Ribbon Project, help is needed in sorting donations to get them ready to be placed into Backpacks of Love.
  • Leadership Team Members assist with community events where communities, schools, or other organizations wish to learn more about our Backpacks of Love program. Members who are comfortable with public speaking can volunteer to assist with these presentations.
  • We ask for approximately 10 hours a month to work with the program, however, hours are flexible depending on availability, etc.

Working with our Backpacks of Love program is an excellent way to make friends, open doors, and be a part of a great organization helping the most vulnerable in our community. 

Each member brings a unique knowledge and skills which complement the mission of The Blue Ribbon Project and help move the organization forward. Leadership Team  members need not have direct knowledge or experience with Child Abuse but can bring personal and professional experience and skills to the forefront and be part of a great team. Members should have a passion to helping abused and neglected children and working with the community.

Due to the sensitive nature of our organization and those we serve, Leadership Team members should be able to pass a background check and participate in an interview process with other members. If you are interested in being a part of The Blue Ribbon Project's Leadership Team and working with Backpacks of Love, please take a few minutes to fill out the application (link below).

Blue Ribbon Project Leadership Team Application

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