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One of the things that can be helpful in the healing process is knowing you are not alone. I've found it helpful that, while my story is unique to me, I do have something in common with other survivors. We have invited survivors to share their stories...from abuse to surviving and thriving. We also invite you to share your story, no matter where you are in your journey. Your story can and will inspire others. In this section, you'll find such stories. 

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Holistic Therapy uniquely teaches clients how to safely experience depression, anxiety, and other painful states while learning ways to manage the negative thoughts and destructive behavior that sabotage recovery from addiction.


Trauma is experienced in many ways that do not fit the clinical diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Consequently, trauma is often misdiagnosed. Effective treatment requires that clinicians and clients recognize how emotions relate to trauma and how they signify that the core problem is trauma.

Anxiety is body based. When we are anxious our body hurts. Breath Therapy offers a holistic intervention that calms the body, clears the mind, and soothes the spirit.

Depression and boredom are often experienced together. There are six steps you can take to protect yourself from getting stuck in either distressful state.


Due to cultural and family expectations, depression in men can be both blinding and binding, further triggering a host of related physical, emotional, and mental problems. Understanding the often unrecognized symptoms of male depression is the first step to prevention and care.

The saddest part of family violence and the legal abuse syndrome is the impact on children, both on them and within them. When a child is severed from their protective parenta silent epidemiclife for this child is never the same.



I wrote my first suicide note when I was 13 years old. I hid it and the many more that followed in my stamp collection, books or other secret hideaways, all places I knew my mom would never look.  For the next 15 years, each time I packed up my belongings for another move, I would find another one I had forgotten about. I would read each one with dismay.  I learned the hard way that an overdose only resulted in having to drink a thick black charcoal concoction with one ankle strapped to a bed frame to keep me from taking off.  Running the car in the garage took far too long and two rounds of Russian roulette proved me to be a very lucky woman.  

Sometimes people would like to share their story to help others but do not always want their name attributed to it. For this reason, this was passed along to me for publication but I am not the author. It shows some insight with Post Traumatic Stress and Drug Addiction.

How to Have Hope When All Else Seems Hopeless
By Garland Van Dyke

You can have hope regardless of circumstances. People in great need have felt hope all kinds of crises. It was noted of those in Nazi concentration camps of WWII that those who gave up hope were soon dead while others who held on, in hope, made it to the end of their trials. So, how to have hope?

Loneliness and depression are much more serious problems than people usually think.

They can sneak upon a person's life and cause problems that go well beyond down emotional feelings. The problems of loneliness and depression can actually spill over in the long term and create health problems that may even threaten one's life. In order to fight back against these issues, it is important to first pinpoint the source of the trouble. This opens the door to fight back through better knowledge of oneself. From there, it is possible for one to establish healthy relationships and get the treatment they need to overcome the problems.

PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder which occurs after a traumatic event. Patient re-experiences some aspects of the trauma. He avoids any queues related to the trauma. There is an avoidance of thoughts, feelings, conversations, activities, individuals or places that are reminders. There is inability to recall portions of trauma. There is decreased interest in pleasurable activities detachment or estrangement from others, restricted feeling off emotions. Re experiences occur in form of repeated thoughts, images relating to the trauma, nightmare. Those symptoms were followed by heightened anxiety level and feeling of fear. The body symptoms of that state include increased muscle tension fast heartbeat, sweating hyper sensitivity to noise and feeling jumpy. The traumatic event is in the event that in war actual or threatened that all serious injury or a threat to the physical integrity of self war others. The person responds this with intense fear, helplessness or horror.

In my Santa Rosa psychotherapy practice I have successfully treated a number of people with PTSD due to past abuse, trauma, and related stress. I would like to talk to you about your PTSD or related traumatic stress, and help you understand how PTSD and trauma may be affecting you, as well as how to get help to resolve these types of wounds.

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