Dave Andrews

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Dave Andrews

If you struggle with alcohol abuse be sure to download two free reports covering the "11 Myths to Keep You From Ever Getting Sober" and ”13 Facts to Pave The Way For You and Your Loved Ones to Thrive in Sobriety”" at Alcohol and Abuse Free Reports. Otherwise if you liked this article find others like it at the Alcohol and Abuse Blog.

Did you know that around the world alcohol and abuse is related to over 2 million deaths a year? With over 11,000 recovery centers in the U.S. alone alcohol and abuse is not going away. In this article we explore some of the common myths around this ever so important topic.

When should you start being concerned about you or your loved ones drinking and alcohol abuse? This article uncovers some of the signs, consequences and steps to take when alcohol and abuse become a concern.

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