Alcohol and Abuse-The 4 "Must-Know" Myths of Recovery

Did you know that around the world alcohol and abuse is related to over 2 million deaths a year? With over 11,000 recovery centers in the U.S. alone alcohol and abuse is not going away. In this article we explore some of the common myths around this ever so important topic.

WomenDownFromAlcoholandAddiction-300x199Alcohol and Abuse – The 4 Myths of Recovery

Alcohol is basically everywhere, and because of that alcohol and abuse is an obvious byproduct in our society. A byproduct that kills tens of thousands of people either directly or indirectly every year in the United States, and is related to over 2 million deaths a year worldwide. Over the past decade, the alcohol and abuse rehab field continues to grow and a recent statistic was there are over 11,000 Recovery Centers just in the United States.

Today I wanted to cover four myths regarding alcohol and abuse that I find intriguing.

Alcohol and Abuse Myth 1: Rehab centers don’t work; just look how many individuals relapse.

Fact: While it is right that relapse is high, it doesn't mean that rehab is unsuccessful. Rehab might not work for all of those that struggle with alcohol and abuse, but for most it is a key stepping stone to recovery and learning how to live a healthy and vibrant life without alcohol and abuse.

Alcohol and Abuse Myth 2: The patient has to want help, or they cannot recover.

Fact: Many individuals that enter rehab do not do so on their own account. They are convinced by friends, family or peers that have recognized the issue. The addict's mind is fogged from the sickness, as well as they are oftentimes powerless to manage the cravings or urges. A recent study has, in fact, revealed that the reason the individual entered recovery actually has very little impact on the likelihood of their recovery.

Alcohol and Abuse Myth 3: Individuals that have become addicted to alcohol made that choice.

Fact: Some argue that there is some truth to the statement that alcohol and abuse is a choice, but really what may have started as a choice eventually became a compulsive and uncontrollable behavior. This compulsive behavior begins to consume their life, thoughts and actions, leaving them very little room to recover on their own vices.

Alcohol and Abuse Myth 4: Individuals that suffer from alcohol and abuse have mental problems.

Fact: This might be the case in some circumstances, although a one size fits all account cannot apply in the context of addiction. The occurrence of disorders, for exampleArticle Search, depression and bi-polar disorder are high among alcoholics and addicts. But still it does remain true that most that are addicted to alcohol are not suffering from other disorders. Regardless this is a factor that cannot be overlooked in recovery. The topic of alcohol and abuse is one that affects the lives of millions around the world so it is important that we continue to educate and offer guidance to those suffering.

Dave Andrews

If you struggle with alcohol abuse be sure to download two free reports covering the "11 Myths to Keep You From Ever Getting Sober" and ”13 Facts to Pave The Way For You and Your Loved Ones to Thrive in Sobriety”" at Alcohol and Abuse Free Reports. Otherwise if you liked this article find others like it at the Alcohol and Abuse Blog.

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