Patti Desert LCSW-C, CEMDR, CP

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Patti Desert LCSW-C, CEMDR, CP
Ms Desert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Baltimore, MD with a holistic private psychotherapy practice. She has been in practice for over nineteen years and specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and trauma related disorders. She is a national and international workshop presenter on these topics and can be reached by phone at 410-435-3755 or through email at www.singularpathways.com. Read more about Ms Desert's work at her website http://www.singular-pathways.com



Due to cultural and family expectations, depression in men can be both blinding and binding, further triggering a host of related physical, emotional, and mental problems. Understanding the often unrecognized symptoms of male depression is the first step to prevention and care.

Depression and boredom are often experienced together. There are six steps you can take to protect yourself from getting stuck in either distressful state.

Anxiety is body based. When we are anxious our body hurts. Breath Therapy offers a holistic intervention that calms the body, clears the mind, and soothes the spirit.


Trauma is experienced in many ways that do not fit the clinical diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Consequently, trauma is often misdiagnosed. Effective treatment requires that clinicians and clients recognize how emotions relate to trauma and how they signify that the core problem is trauma.

Holistic Therapy uniquely teaches clients how to safely experience depression, anxiety, and other painful states while learning ways to manage the negative thoughts and destructive behavior that sabotage recovery from addiction.

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