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If you have found this article then you probably are interested in knowing more about anxiety, social anxiety or shyness, stress, worry, and related problems or disorders, what they are & how to get over them. You are in the right place! I am a Santa Rosa based psychologist and psychotherapist who was formally the head of the Anxiety Disorder Best Practices for all of Northern California Kaiser-Permanente Psychiatry. I have some very important information to share with you about anxiety disorders!

How can I hurt myself? Let me count the ways. But first let me distinguish between hurting myself and abusing myself. Hurting myself - self-harm is a term commonly used for physically abusing oneself by cutting, self inflicting blows, pulling out hair (Trichotillomania) skin or nails, starving or food misuse, extreme piercing, or purposely burning ones’ self.


I have yet to meet a woman who, at some point in her life, has not felt discomfort with the size or appearance of some aspect of her body. A woman does not have to be anorexic or bulimic to dislike her body or struggle with what she eats. The fact that there are vast numbers of women who are critical about their bodies and have an uneasy relationship with food is simply not captured by statistics, which invariably refer to the problems of anorexia and bulimia. The tendency to focus on eating disorders does not do justice to the pain and turmoil of the many additional women who struggle with what to eat, deny themselves food, or overeat.


What is Depression in a Dual Diagnosis?Dual diagnosis is a condition that is comprised of two components; a psychiatric disorder and drug addiction or alcohol addiction. While many people understand drug addiction or alcoholism, a great deal are confused when it comes to depression.

They say the death of a child is the greatest loss. I would say that I believe that. I lost two. If you're a mother I think you'd tend to agree. If you're not you can't vote on this one because only a mother can know the severe pain and grief that comes with the death of her child. Surviving the death of your child and the grief that comes with it is your new lifestyle. I'm 50 now and I've been through multiple deaths and obstacles in my life and they seem like Christmas now compared to losing my Sons Gabriel and Josiah. I'd like to help you survive the deep pain and grief that comes with the loss of a child. Your child.


Trauma is experienced in many ways that do not fit the clinical diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Consequently, trauma is often misdiagnosed. Effective treatment requires that clinicians and clients recognize how emotions relate to trauma and how they signify that the core problem is trauma.

Anxiety is body based. When we are anxious our body hurts. Breath Therapy offers a holistic intervention that calms the body, clears the mind, and soothes the spirit.

Depression and boredom are often experienced together. There are six steps you can take to protect yourself from getting stuck in either distressful state.


Due to cultural and family expectations, depression in men can be both blinding and binding, further triggering a host of related physical, emotional, and mental problems. Understanding the often unrecognized symptoms of male depression is the first step to prevention and care.

The saddest part of family violence and the legal abuse syndrome is the impact on children, both on them and within them. When a child is severed from their protective parenta silent epidemiclife for this child is never the same.

Sometimes people would like to share their story to help others but do not always want their name attributed to it. For this reason, this was passed along to me for publication but I am not the author. It shows some insight with Post Traumatic Stress and Drug Addiction.

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