Kim Lokke

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Kim Lokke

Kim Lokke lives in Northern California with her husband Brad. Kim lost her sons Gabriel and Josiah through a horrible tragedy. She writes to encourage others that have gone through a tragedy. She has a website for survivors called Joemama-Survivor.

OxyContin killed my son. This drug is handed out like candy. Every year families everywhere are suffering the loss of a loved one from accidental overdoses from this addictive drug. "The Arizona Republic" newspaper reported that Purdue Pharma L.P., the makers of OxyContin, have agreed to pay $19.5 million to 26 states and the District of Columbia to settle complaints over its promotion of OxyContin. The states complained that Purdue encouraged physicians to prescribe OxyContin for use every eight hours, rather than the 12-hour dose approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

They say the death of a child is the greatest loss. I would say that I believe that. I lost two. If you're a mother I think you'd tend to agree. If you're not you can't vote on this one because only a mother can know the severe pain and grief that comes with the death of her child. Surviving the death of your child and the grief that comes with it is your new lifestyle. I'm 50 now and I've been through multiple deaths and obstacles in my life and they seem like Christmas now compared to losing my Sons Gabriel and Josiah. I'd like to help you survive the deep pain and grief that comes with the loss of a child. Your child.

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