My Social Worker and My Friend

I was 16 years old the last time I went into foster care, and I was again assigned to a new caseworker. I remember liking her immediately because she spoke to me like an adult.

SocialWorker Friend-lgWe always had a good relationship. She would visit me often at school, at events, and at home, and she sent me birthday and holiday cards. Most importantly, though, she gave me good advice. I was always grateful for her but didn't fully understand just how amazing she was until I aged out of care.

It's now been 5 years since I was in foster care, and my social worker and I are still in touch. She still visits me, still sends me cards for every holiday you can think of, and still gives good advice–whether I ask for it or not. She even drove 5 hours to come to my graduation from graduate school. When she continued to do all of these things even though I wasn't in foster care anymore, I realized that she was doing them because she wanted to, not just because it was her job. At that point, I considered her my friend in addition to what she had always been, a mentor. I feel confident that we will not only maintain this relationship, but that it will continue to grow into something I value more and more over time.


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