Personal Campaign Page

backpack bike medThe Blue Ribbon Project has developed a program that allows you to create a Personal Campaign Page. As word about The Blue Ribbon Project began to spread, more and more people came forward saying they wanted to help. Quite a few friends asked how they could help raise money through their organization and it was suggested that we offer the ability to create a personalized page for each group.

You can now create a "Personal Campaign Page" where a group, family, or organization can directly impact the life of these kids. Your page is completely customizable in how you want it to look. Whether it's running in a marathon, celebrating a birthday, honoring a loved one or organizing a trivia night, you can start your own fundraising campaign that supports The Blue Ribbon Project. 


Your page can be set up in just a few easy steps:

  1. Register with our website
  2. Start your "Personal Campaign Page" (Under the My Dashboard Link)
  3. Customize your fundraising campaign page.
  4. Set a goal.
  5. Spread the word and invite people to donate! 

Here are some ideas to help you get started:
Celebrate weddings, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or any other special day
Ask your friends and family for contributions to your campaign in lieu of gifts.
Honor a loved one
Friends and family can visit, share stories and make memorial contributions in support of our cause.
Run, walk, cycle or swim in your favorite event
Register for any endurance event anywhere and create an online campaign here to support our cause.
Create your own fundraiser
Set up a lemonade stand, a car wash, dinner with friends, trivia night. Turn your favorite fun activities into fundraisers. Our staff can also work directly with you in getting a page set up.

Here is a sample of a Personal Campaign Page


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