Amazon Wish List

AmazonWishlist A few folks have suggested a great idea for those that want to support the Backpacks of Love program but do not live near the drop off points. We have created an Amazon Wish List that lists several of the items that are needed. It's a great way to purchase the items, get them shipped and then placed into an age appropriate backpack. This list is not all inclusive and will change based on needs...Below is a partial list from our Amazon Wish List

Some things to note:

  • We've shopped according to price. As sad as it sounds, an abused child will be excited over a $5 shirt just as much as a $50 designer shirt. To meet the needs of these kids, it is better to buy 5 inexpensive shirts for muliple packs than it is to purchase a single, super expensive shirt. 
  • Some of items listed come in multipacks. This is more affordable and helps fill more packs. For example, infant bottles come in packs of 3. This allows us to fill 3 infant packs at an affordable price. 
  • Our Wish List is only a suggestion. The items listed are not obligatory and you can choose similar items to go in the backpacks. Because we list a particular shirt, it isn't necessary to purchase that exact shirt. 
  • You will see the same items listed multiple times. if you look closely, you'll see the sizes are different. For example, you'll see a particular pajama listed numerous times. We've added multiple sizes of each to the list. 

Amazon Wish List

Taylor Pyles

Tom "Taylor" Pyles is a child abuse survivor and the founder The Blue Ribbon Project. He has been a police officer with Annapolis Police Department for over a decade and is assigned as a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Section.  When not working, you'll find him spending time with his family and out enjoying the countryside on two wheels. 

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