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The Blue Ribbon Project's Backpacks of Love program provides backpacks directly to children going into care. Each backpack is gender and age appropriate. Each backpack is designed specifically for a child of a particular age. Below, you will find a list of each age and gender and what is included in a backpack for that child.

If you or your organization are building backpacks to donate, we have a huge favor to ask of you. Please print the page for the age and gender in which the backpack is being built. Then use that page to check off items you are placing within the backpack. Our volunteers will add items from the list that are not checked off.  Lastly, leave that printed page inside of the backpack. This way we can easily inventory and label the backpack for the age you intended.

A few tips:

  • Each backpack is designed for each age and gender. Every little contribution helps these kids. If you want to fill an entire backpack for an age, that is great. If you just want to donate a tube of toothpaste, that too is wonderful. Do not feel obligated to purchase everything on this list. Single items are also placed in the packs. 
  • Children's development can be different, especially when it comes to abuse or neglected children. For instance, a child may be using a pacifier much later than when your child did.
  • Kids come in all shapes and sizes and this makes purchasing clothing very difficult.  Each child will need a change of clothes (actually two of them) so if you include clothing, try to include something that is stretchy or adjustable. 
  • Remember, these packs are designed for those first 24 to 48 hours. Many travel sized items will work.  Children will obviously use some of these things past that time frame and you can purchase either travel size or full size. 
  • If you are packing your own backpack, you do not have to include everything on this list. It is important to get these items to children, however, we do not want you to break the budget doing so. This is why we ask that you print and include the checklist so our staff knows what needs to be added to your backpack.
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Drop Off Locations (4)

Several area businesses have offered to be drop off locations. You can drop off backpacks to our friends at the following locations. Please thank these businesses as they step up to help the community. They receive nothing in return and have offered to help these kids out of the kindness of their hearts. We thank them greatly for participating with and support The Blue Ribbon Project! Please keep an eye on this page as things continue to grow. If you have a business or organization and would like to be a drop off location, please contact us.

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While we appreciate everyone's support with donations of items as well as full backpacks, we have found that we have an abundance of some items and are completely lacking in others.

We are in dire need of the following items:

  • Children's Bodywash (Both girls and boys).
  • Clothing and pajamas for all ages.

We have an abundance of the following items and there is no need (right now) to purchase more:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Stuffed Animals

There are many ways you can help and support our Backpacks of Love program.  We can use every little bit of help in creating and filling these backpacks. Here are just a few of the ways a person or organization can help helpsupport the project.

  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser: The Blue Ribbon Project receives a tremendous amount of support from Social Media, especially Facebook. If you are active on Facebook, one of the easiest ways to support The Blue Ribbon Project is to create a fundraiser. The bonus here is Facebook does not deduct any fees or have additional charges Facebook Fundraisers. 100% of the donation goes to The Blue Ribbon Project. To start your own Facebook Fundraiser, please visit our Facebook Fundraiser Page 
  • Shop for Necessities: While shopping at the grocery store,  pick up an essential or two from the list. Even the smallest of items will make it into a backpack and make a world of difference. One does not have to donate an entire backpack, nor does there have to be a large financial donation.  Once you have purchased a few items, place them in a bag and drop them off at any of the drop off locations. Please take a look at our What's in a Backpack page to see what necessities are included in backpacks.

  • Purchase a backpack and fill it with love: What most of our donors have been doing (and is working very well) is to get an age appropriate backpack. Begin filling this backpack for a child of that age and gender.  For example, a smaller pink backpack would be appropriate for a younger girl. In here, you might include a child's toothbrush (in girl's colors) and children's toothpaste. A book for a younger girl such as a coloring book and crayons. A plush toy for a girl of that age.  Perhaps a few pairs of underwear made for a girl of that age as well as pajamas and socks. You may also include an outfit should she need a change of clothes (and yes, shopping for age can be nearly impossible). Please feel free to add a few items that are not on the list. Then drop off your backpacks at any of our convenient drop off locations. If you wish to create a pack and are not sure what is needed, please take a look at our What's in a Backpack page.
  • Make a donation and have a backpack purchased and filled on your behalf: The average cost of a backpack can run between $30 and $50, however, this cost can fluctuate depending on age and amount of donated items. Please feel free to make a financial donation for us to purchase and fill a backpack on your behalf. On our Donation Page, you will find a comments section. Here, you can specify the age and gender of the pack you would like for us to fill (or leave it up to us based on needs). This is a great option for those that are not local but wish to help as well as those that are too busy (or too far) to shop and drop off a backpack. 

  • Rally your Troops: Organize your business, church group, social group, school, or community organization to assemble backpacks. This is a great project for family based organizations and supporters of children. If you wish, we can come to your organization to speak about the program and present sample backpacks.  We have presented the program to several church groups and community associations and we'd be more than happy to speak at yours. This is a great way to get the word out, support the program, and bring attention to the prevention of child abuse.

  • Shop our Amazon Wish List: A few folks have suggested a great idea for those that want to support the Backpacks of Love program but do not live near the drop off points. We have created an Amazon Wish List that lists several of the items that are needed. It's a great way to purchase the items, get them shipped and then placed into an age appropriate backpack. This list is not all inclusive and will change based on needs...Please check our Amazon Wish List for more information
  • Make a Financial Contribution: The Blue Ribbon Project is a non-profit  501(c)(3) charitable organization. 100% of your donation goes to supporting these children being placed into care and your donation is tax deductible. We are a 100% volunteer organization so there are no paychecks going out. Our space is donated so there is no rent to be paid. There is nothing more frustrating then donating to an organization just to learn that only a small percentage went to the cause you were supporting. If you donate $50.00, that is $50.00 in necessities and backpacks. If you wish to make a financial contribution to support our programs, you can  visit our GoFundMe Page. You can also donate by credit card or paypal right here on our website by visiting our Donation Page.  The Blue Ribbon Project has applied to be an 501(c)(3) and our status is pending.

Please remember YOU are a part of The Blue Ribbon Project and make these things possible. Please share any ideas and suggestions you may have. We welcome these suggestions.

Several area businesses have offered to be drop off locations. You can drop off backpacks to our friends at the following locations. Please thank these businesses as they step up to help the community. They receive nothing in return and have offered to help these kids out of the kindness of their hearts. We thank them greatly for participating with and support The Blue Ribbon Project! Please keep an eye on this page as things continue to grow. If you have a business or organization in Anne Arundel, Charles County, or Queen Anne's County and would like to be a drop off location, please contact us.


Anne Arundel County

Annapolis Police Department


Annapolis Police Department is very active within the community, especially when it comes to our children. You can drop off your backpacks at Annapolis Police Department located at 199 Taylor Avenue (just down from the Navy Stadium) 




BB&T Bank

bbt 200x200


Backpacks of Love can be dropped off at several BB&T Banks in the area. They can be dropped off at :

  • 3062 Solomons Island Road (Village at Lee Airpark) Edgewater
  • 80 West Central Avenue, Edgewater
  • 801 Compass Way (Heritage Harbor), Ste 7 Annapolis


Eastport Shell

eastportshell logo


Eastport Shell is located at 335 Sixth Street in Eastport (Corner of Sixth and Severn). If you wish to drop off a backpack and need directions, you can visit their website at Eastportshell.com

Remember when you stop in, please thank them for supporting The Blue Ribbon Project and the Backpacks of Love Program!  


Robert A. Pascal Youth and Family Services



Backpacks and donations can also be dropped off at the Robert A. Pascal Youth & Family Services located at 570 Ritchie Highway, Suite H in Severna Park. It's in the rear of Park Plaza Shopping Center near the entrance from Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard. This location is also where we typically have our Aging Up...Not Out program.




WNAV Radio

wnavBackpacks can be dropped off with our friends at WNAV Radio located at 236 Admiral Drive in Annapolis (Just look for the two big radio towers)






Angelina's Italian Kitchen in Sub Shop is conveniently located at 827 Central Avenue East in Edgewater (in the area of Selby). Mary Jo, the owner of Angelina's has offered discounts coupons for food for anyone that brings in donations.










Charles County

La Plata Police Patch

La Plata Police Department is our point of contact within Charles County. Donations can be dropped off at the La Plata Police Department located at 101 La Grange Avenue in the town of La Plata.







Queen Anne's County


Title Excellence of Kent Island

Title Excellence of Kent Island has provided their location in Chester as a convenient drop off location for Queen Anne's County residents. They are located at 109 Country Day Road in Chester (just of of Main Street near the Safeway Store)




qac sheriff badge

Donations can be dropped off at the Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Department located at 505 Railroad Avenue in Centerville.









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