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Taylor Pyles

Tom "Taylor" Pyles is a child abuse survivor and the founder The Blue Ribbon Project. He has been a police officer with Annapolis Police Department for over a decade and is assigned as a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Section.  When not working, you'll find him spending time with his family and out enjoying the countryside on two wheels. 

The Blue Ribbon Project is currently seeking dedicated individuals to be a part of it's Leadership Team and work specifically with our Backpacks of Love Program. Backpacks of Love are backpacks that contain emergency essentials for children who have to be removed from an abusive or neglectful environment. Backpacks of Love are age and gender specific and cover newborns to 17 years of age. A Backpack of Love is delivered to the child when they are being removed for their safety and prior to entering a foster home or placement. 


DENTON, Md. – The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Caroline County couple for allegedly injecting a child with heroin and forcing her into prostitution.

According to the sheriff’s office, 35-year-old Darlene Allen and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Paul Owen were arrested sometime in early April after a months-long investigation into the potential child abuse.

In January 2017, the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Social Services – Child Protective Services Division were notified about a child abuse allegation. The victim was a 15-year-old girl.



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The children were going to die. Mohamed Bzeek knew that. But in his more than two decades as a foster father, he took them in anyway — the sickest of the sick in Los Angeles County’s sprawling foster care system. He has buried about 10 children. Some died in his arms. Now, Bzeek spends long days and sleepless nights caring for a bedridden 6-year-old foster girl with a rare brain defect. She’s blind and deaf. She has daily seizures. Her arms and legs are paralyzed.

Taylor Pyles grew up in Anne Arundel County Maryland. As a child, Taylor’s mother fell victim to several mental health issues, leading to physical abuse within the home. In the early 1980’s, Taylor was removed from this abusive environment and entered the system under Department of Social Services.

Taylor has been a member of the Annapolis since June of 2004 and is a sworn officer within the department. In March of 2010, Taylor was transferred to the Annapolis Police Department Criminal Investigations

Laura Anderson has a Masters Degree from The University of Maryland School of Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is married and is a stay at home mom to three sons. Laura's previous Social Work experience includes Johns Hopkins Community Psychiatry where she provided psychotherapy for children and adolescents, The Patuxent Institution where she provided treatment for violent offenders and colead the survivors of sexual abuse psychotherapy group. She also completed internships at Child Protective Services and Kennedy Krieger Therapeutic Foster care. Laura received the Anne Arundel County 2014 Mentor of the Year award and is on the Advisory Panel for Box of Rain's Charting Careers program.

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Child Adoption in Maryland

Child adoption in Maryland occurs when a domestic placement is arranged by a child placement agency, whether a private agency or a government one. The children that can be adopted through the Department of Social Services are usually in foster care.


Fostering Children in Maryland

There are all kinds of families in this world. Some children live with both of their parents, while some live with one and visit the other. Some children might live with their grandparents, and some stay with a foster family. There are foster programs in the United States, to provide kids with a safe and caring home, when they don’t already have one.


Child Sex Offenders

Sexual violence is a serious problem, and it has devastating consequences. The challenge we face in making our society safer includes, an understanding of the offense risk and patterns, as well as resources. It is this knowledge that can inform our decisions on reporting, investigation, sentencing, and more.


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