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     More and more of our donations have been backpacks that are fully stocked and ready to go. One of the top questions we receive is "What age groups are you in most need of?"  To address this, we've created a chart that shows, more or less, an inventory of what's needed to be fully stocked. Even if we are "fully stocked" on a particular age and gender, we'll still accept them as they will eventually be needed when the time comes. This chart covers backpacks needed to serve several counties and does  not include very recent donations at haven't been checked.  As more counties and communities come on board,  these numbers will fluctuate. Please check back regularly for updates. This chart is designed more for individuals who would like to build  own backpacks and donate the entire backpack. 

Last Updated: February 7th, 2017

Age/Gender # of Backpacks Needed
Boys 0-6 Months Old  FULLY STOCKED
Girls 0-6 Months Old  FULLY STOCKED
Boys 6-12 Months Old  FULLY STOCKED
Girls 6-12 Months Old  FULLY STOCKED
Boys 12-18 Months Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 12-18 Months Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 18-24 Months Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 18-24 Months Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 2-3 Years Old
Girls 2-3 Years Old
Boys 3-4 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 3-4 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 4-5 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 4-5 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 5-6 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 5-6 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 6-7 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 6-7 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 7-8 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 7-8 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 8-9 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 8-9 Years Old  FULLY STOCKED
Boys 9-10 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 9-10 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 10-11 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 10-11 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 11-12 Years Old  FULLY STOCKED
Girls 11-12 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 12-13 Years Old  FULLY STOCKED
Girls 12-13 Years Old  FULLY STOCKED
Boys 13-14 Years Old  FULLY STOCKED
Girls 13-14 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 14-15 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Girls 14-15 Years Old FULLY STOCKED
Boys 15-17 Years Old  FULLY STOCKED
Girls 15-17 Years Old  FULLY STOCKED


A core belief of The Blue Ribbon Project is that all foster youth should be given a chance to succeed in life. Upon speaking with foster youth directly, a major concern that is expressed is the ability to find employment. Additionally, research shows that young people in foster care are far more likely to endure homelessness, poverty, compromised health, unemployment and incarceration after they leave the foster care system.


    If you were to think back on your most memorable childhood moments, what would they be? Swimming with friends? Riding a bicycle? Scoring the winning goal in a soccer came?  Now, put yourself in the shoes of an abused child and imagine what his or her most memorable moments would be. Frightening, isn't it?   


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